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Are You Making Improvements To Your Home For Yourself Or Resale?

Every week we get phone calls asking if making a particular improvement is a good idea. We do not have a standard answer. The first question we ask is “How long do you plan on staying in your home?”

We all know that trends change and whatever advice we give you now will be different than in a few years from now.

We’re in a rapidly changing time where the Generation X is about to take over with the special needs they have. If you are planning on staying in your house for 5 years or more, our Culver City Real Estate Agents suggest that you go ahead and make the improvements.

It’s time for you to enjoy life and real estate has a natural tendency to appreciate. If you are only planning on staying in your home for the next year or two, most Culver City Real Estate Agents will tell you that is generally not a good idea to guess what the next buyer is going to want. No matter how good you are at guessing, you probably won’t guess correctly.

Everyone does their own things these days. We recently sold a house for over $10 million that was in perfect condition. Would you believe it, the new buyer ripped out a ton of stuff and spent $1 million making their own changes as if it was a fixer upper?

Everyone wants to put their own twists onto a property to make it feel custom to themselves, so our Culver City Listing Agents highly suggest that you don’t try to guess what the next person is going to want.

There are certain things that are great money makers. A fresh coat of paint is always a good idea. Attractive landscaping can never hurt. Doing a great “deep cleaning” before it goes on the market is a wonderful idea. Clean out your closets and clean out your garage.

Additionally, our Culver City Listing Agents will often tell you to make sure the house shows sparse and depersonalized. There is nothing worse than having 30 year old, black and white family photos that are turning yellow on the wall.

This is just not inviting to a buyer who is trying to imagine this home to be theirs. Always depersonalize the house and keep it looking neutral.

We wouldn’t suggest a red painted wall, because a buyer cannot necessarily relate to that. If there is room allowing, have a workspace and have a lounge area/”play area” for children.

Our Culver City Listing Agents say it’s always a good idea to identify a place where one can imagine themselves having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Natural light is always an attraction. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home attractive.

Make the improvements you want to for yourself, but don’t try to guess what the next buyer will want. Most important is that your home is inviting and gives a buyer what they might refer to as a “good vibe”.

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