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What Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit?

It almost seems 100% contradictory to what R-1 zoning prohibited in the past, but times have changed. For better or for worse, welcome to the latest.

Since knowledge is power, our Brentwood Listing Agents feel whether you are in favor ready to jump in or totally opposed and worried about over populating the neighborhood, this information will bring you up to speed to know where things currently stand.

After doing a fair share of research, spending many hours and tapping many sources, our Professional Brentwood Listing Agents bring you the summary of what we have learned as homeowners, realtors, and resourceful inquisitive individuals.

Please know that we take no political position, and have no further information nor can we refer to you contractors, or designers for ADU construction.

For further information, our Brentwood Listing Agents suggest you contact your respective city Department of Building and Safety or go online to search accessory dwelling unit followed by Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Culver City, etc.

Since it is strongly advisable to obtain a city permit, our Brentwood Realtors do strongly advise using licensed contractors who are bonded and insured, who are experienced pulling permits, and following city procedures.

As neighborhood real estate professionals in Brentwood and the surrounding area, we have been asked many times if having a permitted ADU increases property value, and although not every buyer would pay extra, to this point the answer does appear to be “yes.”

We hope this publication will serve to be helpful to answer your basic question about (ADU) Accessory Dwelling Units.

Your Real Estate Friends – Ron Wynn & Steve Seto

By Ron Wynn (Assisted by Steve Seto)

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